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Decisionary Leadership: Tools for Growth
Robert LH O'Connor
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Priority Assistant

How to use the Priority Assistant:  
Vacation, Political, Life Priorities & More

Example - Vacation
(Using the printable versions below)

  1. Review the 6 Priority Factors. In the case of building your own Priority Assistant you will need to determine 5,6 or more factors.
  2. Begin with the first row moving left to right and place the answer in the appropriate box. Continue to the end of the row. Then begin the second row, then third, etc until completed.
  3. Using the Vacation Priority Assistant as an example...the first row...  Which one do you like best: historical colonial vacation or Disneyland vacation? historical colonial vacation or mountain camping vacation? historical colonial vacation or beach resort? historical colonial vacation or family reunion?
  4. After answering all of the options in the matrix, count the total number of each factor responses from all columns and all rows and put that number in the total box on the appropriate line. Continue for all of the factors.
  5. Rank each factor according to the number of times each is chosen.
  6. The factor with the highest score most likely is the most important or the preferred choice. 
  7. Create your own Priority Assistant or fine tune the ones here. Be specific. For example in choosing which resort to go to you might name the specific type of resort. OR you might look at establishing the priorities in choosing a vacation such as cost, time available, distance, health, etc.
  8. Decisionary Leadership: Tools for Growth explains, in depth, the Priority Assistant and has a number of templates and options in Appendix B. Some of the Priority Assistants include: Life and Personal Priorities, Sales Motivators, Vehicle Purchase, Real Estate, Use of Savings, and create your own.

  9. Print the templates on the page by clicking on the template for a paper copy
    or link to one of the Prioritizer links below by clicking on the hyperlink.

    Online Prioritizer  Link:
    Sandbox Prioritizer

    Disclaimer: The Priority Assistant is not a scientific instrument. Responsibility for choices and subsequent decisions made with the assistance of the Priority Assistant rest solely with the individual and not with the author, publisher or any associated parties.


Political Issues Priority Assistant  CLICK to PRINT the blank Priority Assistant
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Build your own Priority Assistant:
Create you own Topic and fill in the spaces. Choose 5 items to prioritize and insert them in the matching space A and A  B and B etc. Then work your magic and make your choices as indicated in the initial example above.

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