Ain't Gotta Be...
...the Way It's Always Been

Decisionary Leadership: Tools for Growth
Robert LH O'Connor
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AGB Extra - Testimonials and Author Biography

Robert L.H. O'Connor 

Robert's early years were in Solvang, California and at nine moved to Santa Maria, California. After receiving his, affectionately called, “14 year Bachelors degree” from Brigham Young University in psychology with a minor in communications in 1987, he developed a career in sales beginning in the foods industry, and then moved to telecommunications and on to pharmaceuticals.
    With an entrepreneurial heart Robert is a proponent of home-based business development and currently considers himself a “regular guy” who enjoys what he does – sharing the AGB concepts, principles and tools, helping others in a variety of capacities and being a resource to those with home based busnesses.

      Having lived in Oregon since 1990, Robert has taken advantage of the outdoors and has enjoyed the many aspects of outdoor life and sports that he was taught to appreciate as a youth.
      He also has been involved with the Boy Scouts of America and community service as well as serving in various capacities in his local church organization.

     Grandchildren, however, seem to be able to wrap him around their fingers and tug at the heart strings quite easily.


Ain’t Gotta Be” helped me realize how to make the impossible possible.     Wendy W. – Cancer Survivor

The “AGB” tools introduced in the story Ain’t Gotta Be the Way It’s Always Been and Decisionary Leadership are a real help in understanding personal and organizational growth. The Priority Assistant is an excellent tool and process to either confirm or establish priorities of action. It allows me to have a higher level of confidence that I am taking a course of action that will lead to real change and real improvement.                 - Van Criddle

Decisionary Leadership Tools for Growth gives a refreshing and eye-opening
way to evaluate priorities and understand what motivates long term growth and vision.
- Name with held

Speaking Engagements - 

Robert is available for sharing and teaching the AGB concepts, principles and tools.
You may make contact via email at or

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