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Understanding Growth and Answering Big Questions
  • Why do I make the decisions I make... or do the things I do?
  • Why does history repeat itself?
  • How can I make things different?
  • Is there a way to change behaviors?

The key to understanding answers to these questions is the
Values Beliefs Model of Growth

Ain't Gotta Be...
...the Way It's Always Been

Decisionary Leadership: Tools for Growth
Robert LH O'Connor
                          -EyeSign Publishing-     

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Establish Priorities and Make Decisions 

Use the Priority Assistant

A tool to help make decisions.

Where to go on vacation?
What are you looking for in a car or house?
and many more...
What really motivates you?

What are your personal priorities?

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The Story:
Ain't Gotta Be the Way It's Always Been is a story about learning why we do what we do, setting priorities, and using some tools to become a decisionary person. A grandfather shares with his son and grandson some important lessons and tools for guidance and decision-making while on a high adventure fishing trip that includes the discovery and truth of an ancient legend.
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The Tools:
Decisionary Leadership: Tools for Growth complements the AGB story and teaches the principles, concepts and tools referred to in the story that can change the way one looks towards values, beliefs, behavior and . . .  ultimately what brings us to a sense of fulfillment.

Included are several tools and principles that will guide an individual, organization, family towards the fulfillment of the goals, objectives and the vision of what one is seeking to accomplish.

The "tools" include the FIRE Principle, the Values Beliefs Model, and the Priority Assistant.

These tools help to answer the questions:
Why do we do what we do?
How do I set priorities that matter?
How do I get things done?

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